Review Archive Listing - C (continued)

The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.

All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

  Title Grade Released Mini Rev Full Review

  Clash Of The Titans C 2010 Mini Rev  
  Class, The A- 2009    
  Clearing, The B+ 2004    
  Clerks 2 B 2006    
  Click B 2006   Full Review
  Clockstoppers B- 2002    
  Closed Circuit C 2013 Mini Rev  
  Closed For Winter C+ 2009 Mini Rev  
  Closer B+ 2005   Full Review
  Closing The Ring C 2008    
  Cloud Atlas B+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Clouds Of Sils Maria, The B- 2015 Mini Rev  
  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs B 2009 Mini Rev Full Review
  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 A- 2013 Mini Rev  
  Cloverfield A- 2008   Full Review
  Club Dread C 2004    
  Clubland B+ 2007   Full Review
  Coach Carter B- 2005   Full Review
  Coco A 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Coco Avant Chanel A- 2009 Mini Rev  
  Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky B- 2010 Mini Rev  
  Code 46 B 2005    
  Coffee & Cigarettes B 2004    
  Cold Mountain A- 2004   Full Review
  Cold Souls B+ 2009 Mini Rev  
  Collateral A- 2004   Full Review
  Collateral Beauty C 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Collateral Damage C- 2002   Full Review
  College Road Trip C 2008    
  Colossal B 2017 Mini Rev  
  Colour Me Kubrick B- 2006    
  Combination, The B 2009   Full Review
  Commuter, The C 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Company Men, The B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Company You Keep, The C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Company, The B 2004    
  Con Air B 1997    
  Conan The Barbarian B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Concert, The B 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Concussion B 2016 Mini Rev  
  Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind B+ 2003   Full Review
  Confessions Of A Shopaholic B 2009   Full Review
  Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen C 2004    
  Confetti B- 2006    
  Confidence B 2003    
  Conjuring, The B+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Conjuring 2, The A- 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Connie And Carla C+ 2004    
  Conspiracy Theory B 1997    
  Conspirator, The A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Constant Gardener, The A 2005   Full Review
  Constantine C+ 2005   Full Review
  Contact A- 1997    
  Contagion B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Contender, The A 2001   Full Review
  Contraband C+ 2012 Mini Rev Full Review
  Control A- 2007   Full Review
  Conversations With My Gardener A- 2007   Full Review
  Conviction C+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Cookie's Fortune A- 1999    
  Cool, Dry Place, A B 1999    
  Cooler, The A- 2004   Full Review
  Cop Land B 1998    
  Cop Out C 2010 Mini Rev  
  Copycat A 1996    
  Copying Beethoven C 2007    
  Coraline A- 2009 Mini Rev  
  Core, The C 2003   Full Review
  Coriolanus B 2012 Mini Rev Full Review
  Corky Romano C+ 2002    
  Corporation, The A 2004   Full Review
  Corruptor, The C+ 1999    
  Cosi B 1996    
  Cosmopolis C 2012 Mini Rev  
  Counselor, The C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Count Of Monte Cristo, The B+ 2002   Full Review
  Counterfeiters, The A 2008   Full Review
  Country Bears, The C+ 2003    
  Country Doctor, The C+ 2017 Mini Rev  
  Couples Retreat C 2009 Mini Rev  
  Courage Under Fire B+ 1996    
  Cousin Bette B 1998    
  Cove, The B+ 2009 Mini Rev  
  Covenant, The B 2006    
  Cowboys & Aliens C+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Coyote Ugly C+ 2001   Full Review
  Crackerjack A- 2002    
  Crackers B 1998    
  Cradle 2 The Grave C+ 2003   Full Review
  Craft, The C+ 1996    
  Craic, The B- 1999    
  Crank B+ 2006    
  Crash B 1997    
  Crash B+ 2005   Full Review
  Crazy Heart A 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Crazy Love B 2007    
  Crazy Stupid Love C+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Crazy/Beautiful B+ 2001   Full Review
  Creation B 2010 Mini Rev  
  Creed B+ 2015 Mini Rev  
  Crime Of Father Amaro, The B- 2003    
  Crimson Peak B+ 2015 Mini Rev  
  Crimson Rivers C+ 2001    
  Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles C- 2001   Full Review
  Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, The A- 2002    
  Croods, The B 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Crooked Business C+ 2008    
  Crossing Guard, The B+ 1996    
  Crossroads C- 2002   Full Review
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon A- 2000   Full Review
  Croupier B+ 2001    
  Crow: City Of Angels, The C- 1996    
  Crow's Egg, The B- 2015 Mini Rev  
  Crucible, The A 1997    
  Cruel Intentions A- 1999    
  Crush B+ 2002    
  Cry Wolf B- 2006    
  Cuban Fury B 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Cup, The C+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Cure for Wellness, A B 2017 Mini Rev  
  Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The B 2008   Full Review
  Curious George B 2006    
  Curse Of The Golden Flower B- 2007   Full Review
  Curse Of The Jade Scorpion, The A- 2002   Full Review
  Cursed B+ 2005    
  Cut B+ 2000   Full Review
  Cut Snake B 2015 Mini Rev  
  Cypher B 2003