New Website!

Well, after months of work, my new website is up and running.  You can check it out at

Some important things to note are as follows:

It looks better than the old website – which was officially classed as an “eyesore”.

I’ve removed my pages on recent video releases and coming soon releases.  I don’t watch that many videos these days (since I see most movies at the cinema) so don’t have the time to update any more.

The front page contains info on all my recent posts – new full reviews, new blogs and my last 10 mini reviews.

I’ve put in some pictures (in the right column of most pages) of my favourite movies.  This should hopefully give it some colour.  My mug is on the front page only (don’t want to scare people away).

When I list films in my now showing and coming soon pages, you can click on links which will take you directly to their IMDB page for more info.

There is now a search function so that you can type in anything (film title, actor name, etc) and find out any reference in a review, blog or listing.

There’s a lot more stuff I’m hoping to introduce in the next few months include comments.  This will allow people to post their own thoughts on my reviews, mini reviews and blog postings.  I’m also going to be updating my cinema reviews.

My time is currently being occupied at the moment with bringing across all my old full reviews into the new website format.  There are just over 1,000 reviews and considering that one review takes about 2 minutes of labour time to copy, paste, format, etc, I’m looking at roughly 34 man hours.  So far, I’ve brought across every review since 2006 which is a total of 339.  Still a long way to go yet but will hopefully be done within a month or so.

If anyone has any suggestions or constructive criticisms then please let me know.  I’m trying to make it the most useful site I can without creating something that will take me forever to update each week.

Billy Elliot Sweeps Tony Awards

Anyone who knows me well can tell you my all time favourite film.  It’s Billy Elliot.  I saw it in 2000 (5 times in the cinema in fact) and it’s had a place in my heart ever since.  We all have different favourites but for whatever reason, there’s something about the plot, the acting, the music, the director that connected with me.  I’m yet to see a film which is its equal.

In 2005, I travelled to London and as part of that trip, I saw Billy Elliot The Musical with its original cast at the Victoria Palace Theatre.  You can read my thoughts at  It won a bunch of Olivier Awards (the major theatre awards in the UK) including best actor in a musical and best new musical.  Its still showing in London after 4 years.

The show then came to Australia where it played in Sydney and Melbourne.  It also won awards and is still showing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne.  I haven’t had a chance to see the Australian show but would very much like to.

Then, in November 2008, Billy Elliot: The Musical opened on Broadway in New York City.  What did the tough American critics make of it…

“A non-stop runaway blockbuster of a smash.  The best show you will ever see!” – New York Post

“Out of the most electric, passionate and exhilarating shows to land on Broadway in years.” – TimeOut

“Seductive and smashing with intoxicating, fleet-footed flashes of art and big, knock-‘em-dead sequences.” – The New York Times

“A triumph!” – Time Magazine

I can now report that Billy Elliot has swept the Tony Awards (the major theatre awards in the US) with a phenomenal 10 awards.  It won best musical and best actor in a musical (shared by the 3 boys who play Billy).  The three lead actors are the youngest winners of a leading acting prize in Tony Award history.

There’s something about this story that has captivated not just me.  I think it’ll be showing on Broadway for many years to come.

I also need to congratulate Australian Geoffrey Rush on winning his first Tony Award for his performances in Exit The King.  Rush now becomes only the 17th person to win an Oscar (the top award in film), an Emmy (the top award in television) and a Tony (the top award in theatre).  Well done Geoffrey!