Cinebuzz Ad

I see a few movies at Greater Union & Birch Carroll Coyle Cinemas (because of the convenience, not the price) and I have to say that I like the advertisement campaign they’ve used in recent months with the hidden movie title advertisement.

If you haven’t seen it, the ad is roughly a minute long and is purported to include 50 movie titles.  It’s a fun distraction before the film and each time, I try to find something new.

If you have seen it, then you might be curious to know how you’ve gone.  Which ones did you get right?  Are there any that you’ve missed?

If you go to the following Youtube link -, you can see the add with the 50 titles revealed.  I think they’re wrong with a couple of them but it’s still good to watch.  I think I got about 30 of them without having to cheat.

Off To The Bathroom?

Here’s another interesting website which you might like to have a look at -

It’s called RunPee.  As you can see on the website, it tells you the best time to go to the toilet during the movie.  They try to pick a quiet point in the middle of the movie where you won’t miss anything really funny or really important.

Now, I’m not quite sure how it works in reality.  If you check this before the movie, won’t it reveal parts of the movie?  You could check it on your phone while in the bathroom but is there really enough time?

It’s a funny site anyway.  To give you an example, the best time to skip to the bathroom during The Hangover is when “Phil calls Tracy – the fiancé – to tell her that everything is going great and they got the room comped so they are staying another night.”

The Hangover has been a big smash hit since its release and I recommend you go see it.  It’s been number 1 in the United States for two weeks in a row and it topped the Aussie box-office when released last weekend.

Operas?  Plays?

I’ve been surprised over the last year with this new trend for cinemas to show recordings of operas and plays.  The Palace Centro has been doing it for some time and their program can be viewed on their website.  There are special one-off screenings every 2 weeks or so.  I’ve heard that some screenings have been sold out in the past.

The Blue Room has also been getting into the action.  They’ve got some operas from Milan showing this weekend – roughly 2 hours, 40 minutes long with a 15 minute interval in the middle.  I guess we don’t quite get the big, grand operas here in little old Brisbane so this is our best chance to see them.  I haven’t been myself yet to one of these screenings but I may have to do so.  I’m curious to know how it all looks on the big screen and whether any of the spectacle is lost.

I’m going to see the real thing tomorrow night – a play at the Billy Brown Studio here in Brisbane called 25 Down.  I think there have been a lot of interesting plays and musicals showing in Brisbane this year (more to come to) so I’ve finally gotten off my butt and decided to see one.  It’ll be a refreshing change from the movies (I saw some shockers over the weekend – see above) but I’m sure I’ll still be in “critic” mode.