Matt Damon

Most Aussie movie junkets are held in Sydney or Melbourne which makes it tricky for us critics here in Brisbane.  It’s hard to justify the expense and the day off work to fly down south for a fleeting interview with a movie star / director.  It’s normally easier to chat to these folk over the phone in the comfort of a recording studio.

I was prepared to make an exception last week… for a very good reason.  He’s been one of my favourite actors for more than decade and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fly to Sydney and speak with Matt Damon.  His flight was running late from Los Angeles and so my 8 minutes was cut to a tiny 5 minutes but meh, it was still worth it.  I was whisked into the interview room and squeeze in before Sam Armytage of Sunrise and Richard Wilkins of The Today Show. 

I’m normally transcribing my audio interviews for my blog but this time around, I can go one better.  Here then is my video chat with Matt Damon where we discuss Elysium… and golf!