Directed by: Dean Deblois, Chris Sanders
Written by:Dean Deblois, Chris Sanders
Starring: Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, Tia Carrere, Jason Scott Lee, David Ogden Stiers
Released: September 19, 2002
Grade: B

Talk about misleading advertising!  From the trailers, and the TV clips and the newspaper ads, I was expecting a parody of previous Disney films.  These ads have shown a crazy looking creature known as Stitch interacting with famous Disney characters from Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast and The Lion KingLilo & Stitch is far removed from anything I expected.

On a planet far, far away, a mad scientist, Dr. Jumba Jookiba, has developed a new freaky species.  Known as Experiment #626, it’s an indestructible monster that will destroy anything in its path.  Both Jumba and #626 are imprisoned so that no harm can be done only that #626 escapes custody and flees to a small planet known as Earth.  On orders from the Council, Jumba is released from custody and promised freedom if he can retrieve #626 before it reeks havoc on other planets.

On a small Hawaiian island, Lilo Pelekai lives with her sister Nani.  Their parents died when they were young and Nani is struggling to hold down a job and care for Lilo.  Authorities are considering taking Lilo and placing her in a foster home because she has been constantly rebelling against Nani’s authority.  Deep down though, she just wants some friends as most people are very unhospitable to her at school.

To cheer her up, Nani suggests Lilo get a pet.  At the pound, they find a disgusting looking creature (yep, #626) that has recently been captured and Lilo falls instantly in love with in.  Naming it Stitch, it certainly is a mischievous little thing - it reeks havoc on everything.  But just when all hope seems lost, it seems to develop a conscience and feels sorry for causing Lilo trouble.  It starts to rectify the wrongs it has done but those two bounty hunters are still after him thinking he’s all bad.

Disney films have been slipping of late and on a critical scale, this film is a mix of both good and bad.  I think kids might find more enjoyment out of the other September holiday release, Stuart Little 2.  There isn’t a great variety of characters here and kids might be confused by the opening which begins on another planet.  At least that’s the impression I got from the kids yelling out “mummy, what’s going on”.

Like I always say, animation is top notch.  Jokes will appeal more to kids than adults.  It’s a great chance to get the kids of the house.  So what the hell was I doing there since it’s seems I’m the last person a film like this is targeted at?  Well, I’m here to voice my two cents, and so for what it’s worth, which isn’t much, I’ll let it sneak though with a passing grade.