Directed by: Aleksi Vellis
Written by:Chris Anastassiades, Nick Giannopoulos
Starring: Nick Giannopoulos, Vince Colosimo, Lucy Bell, Abi Tucker, Stephen Curry
Released: February 24, 2000
Grade: C+

Australians are really stuck in a rut when it comes to filmmaking and The Wog Boy is a perfect example.  Original scripts and talented directors are being tossed aside to give way to garbage like this.  The Wog Boy is one of those films that does not feature a single piece of new material - it’s all rehashed, stereotypical nonsense.

Steve (Giannopoulos) is a dole bludger who on a return trip from the Unemployment Office, backs his car into the limo of Raelene, the government minister for employment.  Demanding $3,000 for damages to the car, Raelene doesn’t want to cause a fuss and hands over the cheque but she’s out for revenge and sets him up on a dole-bludging expose on 24 Hours (a current affairs show hosted by Darryn Hinch).

I’m not going to elaborate much further on the supporting cast because they aren’t all that interesting.  The best jokes are mere toilet humour filled with unnecessary foul language.  I can honestly say I did not laugh once during the film’s entirety.

Australian producers are so conservative they feel they give audiences cheap laughs because they know they’re going to work.  It’s rare gems like Muriel’s Wedding that take chances, pay off and develop real talent.  The Wog Boy does not fit the preceding description and is basically The Craic all over again (with an Italian theme in replace of an Irish one).

The audience at my screening were chuckling away and The Wog Boy is sure to rake in a few dollars.  All I can say is brace yourself because love them or hate them, more “popcorn” films like this are coming our way...