Directed by: Steve Pink
Written by:Josh Heald, Sean Anders, John Morris
Starring: John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Rob Corddry, Crispin Glover, Chevy Chase
Released: April 22, 2010
Grade: C+

Hot Tub Time Machine is probably the craziest title to a film since Snakes On A Plane.  As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to see it.

Does it require any explanation or does the title speak for itself?  Four guys go on a trip to a ski resort and jump into the hot tub.  They get ridiculously drunk and when they wake up the next morning, they’re all feeling rather hung over.  One of them even throws up on a squirrel.

They then hit the ski slopes for some fun times but something isn’t quite right.  Everyone around them is dressed in bold, bright fashions.  Some guy is wearing a Miami Vice t-shirt.  Others are wearing leg warmers.  There’s even someone with a huge mobile phone.  Yep, that’s right.  Adam, Jacob, Nick and Lou have all been transported back to the year 1986.

There are two reasons why you might enjoy this farce.  Firstly, anyone who grew up in the 1980s is likely to get a kick out of the clothing, the hairstyles and the soundtrack.  It’s a period in history just old enough to make fun of.  They’ve even dusted off a famous comedic actor from the 80s.  Chevy Chase pops up a few times as a mysterious mechanic trying to fix the broken hot tub / time machine.

You might also like the film for its humour and simple storyline.  These guys remembered watching The Butterfly Effect and know that they can’t change anything in the past or it might have huge ramifications for the future.  They have to go through the same events as they happened 24 years ago.  Nick has to sleep with a stranger.  Adam has to break up with his girlfriend.  Lou has to get into a fight.  Jacob has to remain inconspicuous.  As you can expect, it all goes pair shaped.

The majority of critics have given this film the thumbs up but I was disappointed.  It didn’t tickle my own funny bone.  There’s lots of shouting and running around but not much else.  For every good joke (and I did laugh at times) there were 10 lame ones.  It panned out pretty much as I expected and it lacked the spark and surprises offered by last year’s The Hangover.

I had a few issues with the storyline (such as the female supporting characters who were poorly developed) but my criticisms feel rather pointless.  Let’s face it - this movie is called Hot Tub Time Machine.  You’re not going to see it for its performances or its subtlety.  This is trashy fun that will pass the time and offer a few laughs.  Whether it provides enough laughs is debateable.