Directed by: Stephan Elliott
Written by:Dean Craig
Starring: Xavier Samuel, Olivia Newton-John, Rebel Wilson, Kevin Bishop, Kris Marshall, Tim Draxl, Laura Brent, Jonathan Biggins, Steve Le Marquand
Released: January 26, 2012
Grade: A-

Director Stephan Elliott (Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert) knows a thing or two about this subject matter.  His career began in the late 1970s as a wedding videographer.  He taped roughly 3,000 weddings in all and he proclaims to “have seen the worst behaviour from every member of the family in every possible religion.”

This piece of background information will help you understand why Elliott was attracted to the script of British writer Dean Craig (Death At A Funeral).  Put simply, it’s about the wedding from hell.  We’ve seen plenty of movies about dodgy weddings before but Elliott has decided to “up the stakes”.  I can’t recall too many wedding flicks that have been this crazy and this outlandish.  I certainly had a lot of fun watching it!

The only two sane people in the whole story are the bride and groom – David (Samuel) and Mia (Brent).  They met in London and have now travelled to Mia’s home in Australia for their lavish wedding.  Her wealthy father has organised a beautiful outdoor ceremony to be held high atop the Blue Mountains.  The stage is set for what should be a perfect day.

As you can imagine, it’s anything but.  David’s trouble-prone friends kick start an avalanche of insane events.  It all starts at the buck’s party and continues on through to the wedding.  There are drugs, criminals, drunks, guns and even a sheep.  There are plenty of “laugh out loud” moments but the film’s highlight sees Kevin Bishop (The Spanish Apartment) attempt to deliver the best man’s speech.

The madness isn’t isolated to David and his friends however.  Mia’s family is equally eccentric.  Her father (Biggins) is a high-profile politician who is using the wedding for publicity points.  Her cynical sister (Wilson) is pretending to be a lesbian in an effort to get some attention.

As Mia’s mother, it’s Olivia Newton-John who you are most likely be surprised by.  It’s great to see an actor in a role that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect.  After a lot of wine and a little cocaine, her character is transformed into one very loose human being who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind.  She’s hilarious!

Judging from reactions on Twitter so far, A Few Best Men will divide audiences.  Some will laugh hysterically at these unthinkable situations.  Others will find it crude, crass and offensive.  Such is the nature of comedy and you’re probably best to have a peak at the trailer before checking out the full film.  It’s not for everyone… but it was certainly for me.

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