Directed by: Tom Shadyac
Written by:Steve Oedekerk
Starring: Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill
Released: September 20, 2007
Grade: C

Evan Almighty has already received a lot of bad publicity before reaching Australia.  It cost an estimated $175m to make which makes it the most expensive comedy movie in history.  Its box-office returns have been very poor.  It has made only $100m in the United States which is less than half of what the original Bruce Almighty grossed.

This film tells the story of Evan Baxter (Carell), a recently elected politician who has moved with his family to Washington.  It’s a difficult transition for his wife and three sons who have left their family and friends behind to support Evan in his new career.

On his very first day, Evan realises just how demanding his job is going to be.  Congressman Chuck Long (Goodman) asks for his support in endorsing a controversial new bill.  Given just 24 hours to review the bill, Evan is forced to cancel a planned hiking trip with his kids.  They aren’t too happy about it.

As all this goes on, Evan is visited by God (Freeman).  God tells him that a massive flood is coming and that he must build an ark.  God will provide the buildings materials and once complete, it must have room for two of every animal.  Evan doesn’t believe a word of it but things soon change when God starts meddling in his life.  God gives Evan a beard that can’t be shaved off and forces him wear some strange, ancient robes.  Evan realises he doesn’t have a choice and starts work on the project.

My plot description has been brief but it’s all this film deserves.  Evan Almighty is a G-rated family flick which tries too hard to please its audience.  Some will be able to look past the plot holes and the lack of logic by saying that “it’s only a movie”.  If this is the case, you might actually enjoy the movie.  If you’re like me however, you’d going to be asking a lot of questions which will go unanswered.

How did Evan get a hold of animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes and polar bears?  Why aren’t the onlookers surprised by this either?  How did Evan manage to build it all so quickly (even with the help of his kids and the animals)?  It looked like an awfully big project to me.

Furthermore, when the flood does come, are the people and animals who don’t get on the ark killed?  This seems to be glossed over.  By the way, I’m not giving anything away by mentioning that the flood does happen as it’s shown in the film’s trailer (another poor decision).

Evan Almighty provides little more than two hours of wasted time.  In a sarcastic tone, let me finish by saying that’s $175m well spent.