Directed by: James Wong
Written by:Glen Morgan, James Wong
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Kris Lemche, Alexz Johnson, Sam Easton
Released: April 27, 2006
Grade: C+

In Final Destination, a group of school students boarded a flight for Paris.  One of them freaked out after having a premonition that the plane would crash.  All of them were kicked off the flight and as it turns out, the plane did crash and all on board were killed.  You may have thought these students were lucky by “cheating death” but not so.  Death got his revenge and the surviving students were soon killed in a series of bizarre accidents.

It was a different plot but the same concept in Final Destination 2.  A young girl had a premonition of a massive car accident and intervened to save those involved.  They survived the day but not too many after.  With more freaky accidents, Death came and took them all one by one.

Nothing has changed in Final Destination 3.  This time around, a girl boards a rollercoaster and has a creepy feeling that it will go off the tracks, killing everyone.  She loses the plot and is taken off the ride by the attendant.  A few others disembark in the mayhem.  Lo and behold, the rollercoaster crashes and Death returns to claim those who escaped…

Having seen the first two films, I was left bored and frustrated by the third in the series.  It felt exactly the same.  There’s no originality and that you can do is sit there and wait for the next person to die.  The way each of them is killed is mildly interesting but that’s the only positive I have to say.  The dialogue was dreadful and some of the scenes between stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Sky High) and Ryan Merriman (The Deep End Of The Ocean) had me cringing with disgust.

With Final Destination 3 performing very well at the U.S. box-office, you have to think that another sequel will be put into production by New Line Cinema.  I hope I’m wrong.