Directed by: Jeff Tremaine
Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man
Released: November 9, 2006
Grade: B-

There is a scene in this film where a man drinks horse semen.  That pretty much sums up what Jackass Two is all about.  If you find this gag more humorous than repulsive, then you’ll probably enjoy this film.  Alternatively, if you find it more repulsive than humorous, then get in the queue to watching something else.

Now that the recommendations are out of the way, I don’t quite know how to “critique” this film.  There’s no script, no acting and nothing special about the direction.  It’s simply a bunch of crazy guys performing disgusting and death defying stunts.

Other highlights in Jackass Number Two include (1) Bam having his ass burned with a penis shaped cattle brander, (2) Chris getting his penis bitten by a snake, (3) Johnny being shot into the air on a giant rocket, (4) Steve-O putting a fish hook through his cheek, (5) Steve-O putting a leech on his eyeball and (6) Dave wearing a fake beard made of pubic hair.

There are about 50 scenes in all.  Some left me physically squirming in my seat whilst others left me puzzled.  Jackass are entertaining but there are only so many ways that they can smash their heads and bruise their bodies.  I give them credit for their guts but more was needed to keep my attention for the full 90 minutes.

The biggest question regarding Jackass is whether or not they set a bad example.  Warnings tell us not to attempt any of their stunts but American adolescents have been killed doing just that.  I believe these guys have a right to do what they do but I understand those who are on the other side of the argument.  When you watch them perform these stunts and have so much fun doing it, it’s not surprising that impressionable kids try to replicate them.

The first film took in $64m at the U.S. box-office and Jackass Number Two is on track to do even better.  There’s certainly an audience for this form of entertainment but I’d interested to see how many of the cast survive to keep the series going.  I hope they’ve got life insurance.