Directed by: Shawn Seet
Written by:Rai Fazio
Starring: Daniel Amalm, Ennio Fantastichini, Rai Fazio, Jessica Marais, Tim Minchin, Paul Pantano
Released: March 19, 2009
Grade: B-

Two Fists One Heart is a new Australian film set in Perth. Our main protagonist is Anthony Argo (Amalm), a young Aussie boxer of Italian heritage. He is trained by his father, Joe (Fantastichini), who was once a successful fighter himself. Joe pushes his son hard. He wants Anthony to be the best boxer than he can be.

After winning a major title, Anthony wants to take a break from the sport and spend time with his new girlfriend, Kate (Marais). This doesn’t sit well with his dad and arguments ensue. In the wash up, Anthony moves out of home and turns his back on the sport. Things get even messier when Joe finds a new rising star (Fazio) and starts treating him like his own son.

The film has been written by Rai Fazio, who has one of the leading roles. He has drawn on his childhood experiences and the film’s title is one of his own dad’s favourite sayings. Rai too was trained by his father and won over 50 amateur fights.

Two Fists One Heart has a "been there before" kind of feel. You always know what’s around each corner. Further, none of the characters will blow you away on the "interest scale". There’s nothing wrong with the performances but I didn’t care deeply about any of them. Perhaps it’s just me. I’m not sure.

I don’t want to be too critical of the movie because I like supporting Australian cinema and this film is worth a look. So let me finish by giving it a mild recommendation and say that you could do a lot worse if you’re heading to the cinemas this weekend.