Directed by: Martha Coolidge
Written by:Jack Amiel, Michael Begler, Katherine Fugate
Starring: Julia Stiles, Luke Mably, James Fox, Miranda Richardson, Ben Miller
Released: June 24, 2004
Grade: B-

The Prince And Me is the perfect film for teenage girls.  I’m sure many have dreamed of falling in love with a wealthy prince and to have him reciprocate the feelings.  I may not be fully in touch with the female race but correct me if I’m wrong here.  Back in May, the Crown Prince of Denmark married an Australian commoner in Mary Donaldson and photos were splashed across the cover of every woman’s magazine.

Based on this, here’s a film with appeal.  You may find it hard to believe but the film was written and made before the actual royal wedding which just took place in Denmark.  In this fictitious film, Paige Morgan (Stiles) is a career girl studying hard at college in America.  Eddie (Mably) is the current Prince of Denmark and attending the same college.  The catch being that Eddie wants to get away from his family ties and has not told anyone in America of his royal status.

The two meet, fall in love, have a few differences and then boom, the Prince drops the bombshell.  This moment doesn’t occur until one hour into the film but it’s what the audience has paid their money for.  Up until this part, I found it all rather boring.  Girls were swooning and I understand there needs to be character development but I couldn’t get into the swing of it (even with the alluring Julia Stiles in the leading role).

Once the secret has been revealed, the film changes its setting with the Prince and Paige heading to Denmark.  Yep, there are more trials and tribulations but don’t worry girls, this dream won’t become a nightmare.

Guys, stay home and ladies, get in the queue.  This may sound somewhat sexist but it’s reality of who this film has been made for.