Here are the links to a bunch of other parts in my website which I couldn't squeeze under other categories.


About The Film Pie

How did I get started as a critic?  What's the story with this website?  Why do I appear on ABC radio?  Find out more about the Film Pie using the link above.

Best & Worst Lists

At the end of each year, I take great pleasure in compling a list of the best and worst films from the last 12 months. It provides "closure". I can encapsulate the cinematic year by listing 10 exceptional films and 10 horrendous films. It's fun looking back at years past and it can provide a good reference point when comparing year to year. Of all the films I've reviewed, my favourite is Billy Elliot.

Toomey Awards

One of my favourite parts of any film year is award season. It begins in December and culminates in late February with the Academy Awards.
Whilst waiting for my invitation to join the Academy, I decided to come up with my own self-indulgent awards. They're mirrored on the Academy Awards except there's a few different categories and there's no ceremony watched by a billion people. It still gives me an inflated sense of self esteem though... so don't worry.
The above links to the winners and nominees since I started dishing out these awards in 2000.

Feature Blogs

Since January 2001, I have been publishing a weekly e-newsletter to friends and fans of my website.  It's often just random jibberish since I'm too tired after work to write something meaningful and significant.  However, on rare occasions, I manage to craft something that requires thought.  A selection of some of my favourite and more interesting blogs/columns can be found by clicking on the above link.