I have returned from the far reaches of the planet… and by that I mean, London.  It felt that way after a 24 hour flight (including two brief stopovers).  Not good for a tall person like me.


Bye Bye Regent


On Sunday night, I saw my very last movie at the Regent Theatre in Brisbane.  I wrote up a tribute piece in my last blog which you can revisit by clicking here.


As my last film, I attended a special screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  There were quite a few people in the cinema and it was a nice atmosphere.  I really enjoyed the film too – it was the first time I’d seen it in a long time.


Afterwards, there were heaps of people (including myself) taking photos within the famous theatre.  You can view a few of my snaps by clicking here.


As I type this blog, the very last screenings will be taking place.  The cinema closes its doors of today – 14 June 2010.  Brisbane cinema just won’t be the same again.


London Adventures


I won’t ramble on for too long about my London adventures.  If you’re on Facebook, you can view some photos by clicking here.


I did see two movies while I was over there.  The first was Sex & The City 2.  I was booked in to see it on a Tuesday night in a small theatre.  It was a cool venue – in a basement with a funky bar serving cocktails.  To be honest, I’d best describe it as a bar with a cinema built it.  It must be quite popular though as the session I attended was sold out (I had to get my tickets two hours in advance too).


Well as the saying goes – “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.  The projector broke and the screening had to be cancelled.  It was to start at 9:10pm and it wasn’t until 10pm when they finally gave us word that all hope had been lost.  There were some unhappy customers that’s for sure.


I ended up catching it the next day in the famous cinema district of London – Leicester Square.  It’s a great place to watch a movie and I picked up some Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream to take in with me.  You can read my thoughts on the film above but if it’s not the worst film of 2010, it’ll be damn close.  It took me days to get the smell out of my clothes.


On the last day before I departed, I caught Michael Winterbottom’s new flick called The Killer Inside Me.  It was heavily promoted and I saw it with a friend (again in Leicester Square).  The film isn’t being released in Australia until August but I can say I was also disappointed.  A very weak conclusion to what is set up as a thriller with potential.  None of the key performances (Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson) are worth mentioning.


On the flight, I saw The Ghost Writer – the new Roman Polanski thriller getting a release later this year in Australia.  It definitely had my thumbs up and I look forward to reviewing it.


Catching Up


Since I’ve been back, I’ve been catching up on (1) sleep and (2) movies.  I’ve been able to see 9 movies in the past 6 days which has me back on track.  All the reviews are found above.


I also bought a TV series on DVD in London called The Inbetweeners which I’m keen to sink my teeth into.  Have heard a lot of great things.


I don’t know what else has happened in the film world while I’ve been gone.  I heard that Dennis Hopper passed away which was very sad.  Such a talented actor.  I only picked up on that while looking over someone’s shoulder while they were reading a paper on the tube.  You tend to lose track of everything when travelling overseas.


Anyway, that’s it from me this week.  Over and out.