Brisbane Cinema Guide

As a regular filmgoer in Brisbane, the following should provide all you need to know when going to the movies in this great city. The table below has a link to each cinema's website where you can find general information on the cinema and most importantly, session times.

It have also ranked each cinema in terms of 3 criteria - (1) price, (2) cinema quality & service, and (3) movie quality and range. Each cinema has been given a score out of 10 for each of the criteria and it all adds up to a final score (out of 30).


  Website Score (out of 30)
Palace Centro Website 25
New Farm Cinemas Website 25
Palace Barracks Website 24
Dendy Portside Website 23
Balmoral / Hawthorne Website 23
Blue Room Cinebar Website 21
Southbank Website 21
Regal Twin Website 18
Schonell Theatre Website 17
Tribal Theatre Website 17
Hoyts Cinemas Website 17
Event - Myer Centre Website 17
El Dorado 8 Website 16
Event - Gold Class Website 16
Event - 16 Screens Website 16
Event - 8 Screens Website 12