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A New Old Cinema In Brisbane?

One of my favourite cinemas in Brisbane was the Village Twin on Brunswick Street in New Farm.  I can remember seeing some of my favourite films there including The Ice Storm and Being John Malkovich.  Sadly, the cinema closed about a decade ago, the back half was demolished (due to structural issues), and the rest was boarded up.

It turns out there’ll be a happy end to this story.  The cinema was acquired by Peter and Stephen Sourris in 2013 who lodged a development application with the Brisbane City Council to breathe life back into the complex.  They had plans for a restaurant, bar, coffee shop and a 6-screen cinema complex (with room for a total of 535 seats).

Those plans are now well underway.  The cinema have set up a Facebook page (see here) and an Instagram page (see here) that provide a behind the scenes look at the current construction.  There are also a few heritage photos that show the cinemas in their former glory (and it brings back a lot of memories).

I believe the cinemas will be open mid-year and it’ll be interesting to see what type of films they go for (big blockbusters, small independents, or a mix of both).  One thing’s for sure – I can’t wait to set foot inside its familiar doors.