Last Friday, I was able to attend a media preview of The Social Network.  You can believe the hype.  It is one of the year’s best films.  It’s a shame it’s not out for another 2 weeks (October 28) but review is already up on my website if you want to check it out.


The quality that struck me most about the film was David Fincher’s direction.  It’s incredibly good and reconfirmed my believe that he’s one of the best directors in the business today.


It was two years ago when I last blogged about my favourite modern day directors.  The time has come to dust off and update the list.


I’ve gone through all my favourite films of the past 10 years and tried to match up the common directors.  I realise some of my favourites have made great films prior to the last decade (e.g. Woody Allen), but I’m trying to seek those who are “in form”.  Otherwise I’d be here all night trying to compare Stanley Kubrick with the Coen Brothers.


Here then is the list.  I’ve included the ranking which I gave them in 2008.  I’ve also listed their best film of the past decade along with a few others you must see (if you haven’t already).


10.  Jason Reitman  (not ranked last time)

My Favourite:  Juno (2007)

Other Great Works:  Up In The Air (2009), Thank You For Smoking (2005)


9.  Clint Eastwood  (last rank: 8)

My Favourite:  Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Other Great Works:  Changeling (2008), Flags Of Our Father (2006), Letters From Iwo Jima (2006), Mystic River (2003)


8.  Darren Aronofsky  (not ranked last time)

My Favourite:  Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Other Great Works:  The Wrestler (2008)


7.  David Fincher  (last rank: 6)

My Favourite:  Zodiac (2007)

Other Great Works:  The Social Network (2010)


6.  Sam Mendes  (last rank: 9)

My Favourite:  Revolutionary Road (2009)

Other Great Works:  Jarhead (2005), Road To Perdition (2002)


5.  Gus Van Sant  (last rank: 7)

My Favourite:  Elephant (2003)

Other Great Works:  Milk (2008), Paranoid Park (2007), Last Days (2005)


4.  Paul Thomas Anderson  (last rank: 2)

My Favourite:  There Will Be Blood (2007)

Other Great Works:  Punch Drunk Love (2002)


3.  Paul Greengrass  (last rank: 3)

My Favourite:  United 93  (2006)

Other Great Works:  Green Zone (2009), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), Bloody Sunday (2002)


2.  Christopher Nolan  (last rank: 5)

My Favourite:  Inception (2010)

Other Great Works:  The Dark Knight (2008), The Prestige (2006), Batman Begins (2005), Insomnia (2002), Memento (2000)


1.  Coen Brothers  (last rank: 1)

My Favourite:  No Country For Old Men (2007)

Other Great Works:  A Serious Man (2009), Burn After Reading (2008), Intolerable Cruelty (2003), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)



Certificates of commendation go to Mike Leigh, Wes Anderson, Roman Polanski, Kevin Macdonald, and Alexander Payne.  I just couldn’t squeeze them in.