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Well Done Rory McIlroy & Rating Brisbane's Movie Clubs


Rory McIlroy


Let me start off by saying woohoo!!!  Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland is the 2011 U.S. Open champion.


For those who don’t know me too well, golf is a major passion of mine and I’ve been closely following Rory’s career since I played a game with him in Australia back in 2005 (he was 16 years old at the time).  You can read what I wrote way back then by clicking here.


This quote seems somewhat prophetic – “These two are destined for bigger and better things and I hope they have a very successful golfing career. I'd love to be able to gloat one day and say that I played a game here in Australia with Rory McIlroy and Oliver Fisher.”


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m gloating right now.  For the first time in my golfing career, I can say that I’ve played with a major champion.  Congratulations to Rory and I hope there are many more majors to come!



Rating Brisbane’s Movie Clubs


Back in November 2007, I wrote up a blog detailing the major movie clubs that you can take advantage of in Brisbane (many of which run Australia wide).


Given the time lapse, I’ve decided to update my notes and you can read all about them below.


Some of these clubs offer fantastic value and if you get to the cinemas fairly regularly, you’d be a fool not to join.  You can spend what you’ve saved on overpriced snacks!


I’m a member of all of these clubs and so here they are…


Palace Cinemas Movie Club

Membership is $16.50 a year and $25 for two years.

Brisbane’s Palace cinemas are located at New Farm and the Barracks and they are my two of the best you’ll find.  As a member, the ticket price for you and a guest is just $10.  In addition, you get a complementary ticket on joining and on your birthday.  So even if you see just two Palace movies a year, it’s paid for itself.  Members also receive invites to advance screenings where there are nibbles, drinks and guest speakers.  You can pick up an application form at a Palace cinema or go here to find out more.


Club Dendy

Membership is $15 a year and $25 for two years.

The Dendy cinemas can be found in Brisbane at the Portside Wharf (Hamilton).  Your card will get you and a friend into any Dendy movie for just $10 each.  There’s also the chance to attend special advance screenings for members only.  You can join at the box office and find our more here.


BIFF Film Club (Brisbane only)

Membership is $75 a year.

This one’s not cheap but there can be some great benefits.  Each month, there’s at least one advance screening where you and a guest can go along for free.  They also have special advance screenings where a director/writer/actor does a Q&A session after the film.  It’s definitely worth it.  You can also pick up cheaper Film Festival tickets (when it’s held in November) so make sure you join here.


Australian Film Institute

Membership is $55 a year and $95 for two years.

It may sound a little pricey but this is a good deal.  With this card, you get concession rates at almost every cinema in the country.  You also get a regular newsletter which offers free tickets to selected events.  You can download a membership application by clicking here.


Event / Birch, Carroll & Coyle Cinebuzz Club

Membership is free.

You may as well join this one since it won’t cost you a cent.  Just click here and you’ll find your way from there.  Once you’ve joined, you’ll get monthly invites to special advance screenings at discount prices (often less than $10) at Event/BCC cinemas.


Hoyts Movie Club

Membership is free.

Hoyts Cinemas and Event Cinemas seem to follow the same models when it comes to cinemas and ticket prices (such a rip off).  Their movie clubs are very much the same too.  You can join the Hoyts Movie Club for free by going here.  You'll get regular invites to special advance screenings at discount prices.  You can also pick up points which can be redeemed at the candy bar.


There you have it.  Now you’ve just got to find time to get to the movies!