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Rating Australia's Movie Clubs


Now on to what I’m hear to talk about this week – movie clubs!  Everyone always asks me what deals you can get on cheap movie tickets so now I’m about to provide the answer.  Here then are the five major movie clubs I’m a member of…


Australian Film Institute

Membership is $55 a year and $95 for two years.

This is as good as it gets.  With this card, you get student rates at every cinema in the country.  You also get invitations in to film previews, discounts to film festivals and a bi-monthly newsletter.  Perhaps the best aspect is that you are eligible to vote for best picture at the AFI awards and so you’ll receive free advance screenings of many Aussie flicks each September.  You can download a membership application at www.afi.org.au.


Birch, Carroll & Coyle / Greater Union Cinebuzz

Membership is free.

Here’s one for those not looking to fork out any cash.  All you need do is go to www.greaterunion.com.au and you’ll find your way from there.  If you join the email listing, you’ll get monthly invites to special advance screenings at discount prices.  Just last Wednesday there was an advance of the Australian film One Perfect Day and it would only have cost you $8.  You can pick up some candy bar deals too but I’ve seen better.


Palace Cinemas Movie Club

Membership is $16.50 a year and $25 for two years.

I just received my new membership card in today’s mail as it so happens.  There are Palace cinemas all over the country with Brisbane having the Palace Centro at New Farm.  The card gets you a and guest a guaranteed ticket price of $9.50 for every movie at the Palace.  You’ll get two complimentary tickets on your birthday (worth the cost right there!) plus heaps of invites to advance screenings for Palace members only where you’ll be treated to nibbles and free drinks before the movie.  In terms of value for money, you can’t beat this.  Get to a Palace cinema to join or go to http://www.palace.net.au/ to find a form which you can mail.


Dendy Cinemas

Membership is $15 a year and $28 for two years.

Offering the best of arthouse cinema, Dendy cinemas can be found across the country also.  In Brisbane, your card will get you and a friend into any Dendy movie for just $9 each.  There are other fringe benefits too like 5% of items at Rocking Horse Records and 5% off books at Folio Books (in Brisbane of course).  Every few weeks you’ll also find yourself invited to advance screenings for members only.  Just a couple of weeks ago I saw The Station Agent before it was released to the public at large.  You can join at the box office and find our more at www.dendy.com.au.


Australian Multiplex Cinemas

Membership is $30 a year.

A personal favourite of mine since it’s my closest cinema.  You can get tickets for you and a friend to any movie for just $8.  Plus, when you see 10 movies, you get a bonus one for free (which can even be used on no free list films).  So it works out as the cheapest option for me in all of Brisbane.  Once again, you can join at the box-office in no time at all.


There you have it then.  Don’t say that I never told you how to find cheap movies!