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2003: A Retrospective


It’s the sixth year of the Film Pie newsletter and without further adieu, let’s look back at some stats and opinions from the year just gone…


Total Films Seen & Reviewed: 216 (200 in cinemas and 16 on video)


Total Grades Of A+: 2 (Chicago & The Quiet American) – the fewest since 1996

Total Grades Of C-: 13 – the most since 1996


First Film Seen In 2003: The Hot Chick (on 1/1/03 at 7:20pm)

Last Film Seen In 2003: Dogville (on 28/12/03 at 1:00pm)


Best Filmgoing Streak In 2003: Saw 21 movies in 19 days between 30/7/03 and 17/8/03


Longest Major Release Of Year: The Return Of The King (201 minutes)

Shortest Major Release Of Year: Phone Booth (81 minutes)


Best Drama Of Year: The Quiet American & The Return Of The King

Worst Drama Of Year: The Four Feathers


Best Comedy Of Year: Punch-Drunk Love and Igby Goes Down

Worst Comedy Of Year: Anger Management


Best Family Film Of Year: Brother Bear

Worst Family Film Of Year: The Lizzy McGuire Movie


Best Action Film Of Year: X-Men 2

Worst Action Film Of Year: Ballistic: Ecks V. Sever and Tomb Raider 2


Best Thriller Of Year: Mystic River

Worst Thriller Of Year: Trapped


Best Romance Film Of Year: Lost In Translation

Worst Romance Film Of Year: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


Best Australian Film Of Year: The Rage In Placid Lake

Worst Australian Film Of Year: Horseplay


Best Foreign Language Film Of Year: City Of God and Talk To Her

Worst Foreign Language Film Of Year: Russian Ark and Goodbye, Lenin!

Total Foreign Language Films Seen In 2003: 19 – a record in one year for me


Best Documentary Of Year: Spellbound


Films I Hated But Most Others Seemed To Like: Le Divorce, Ned Kelly, S.W.A.T., Phone Booth

Films I Liked But Most Others Seemed To Hate: Punch Drunk Love, Buffalo Soldiers, The Emperor’s Club, The Rules Of Attraction


Profit From Gambling On The 2003 Golden Globes: $100

Profit From Gambling On The 2003 Oscars: $100


Current Favourite Actress: Scarlett Johansson

Current Favourite Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman


Film Most Looking Forward To In 2004: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Film Most NOT Looking Forward To In 2004: The Last Samurai