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2002's Mid-Season Report Card


Time to look back on the first 6 months of the year.  And I gotta tell ya, it ain't been a very memorable period.  Sure there's been some good stuff but there's been twice as much bad stuff mixed in.  On with the show...


Best Films:  Mulholland Drive, Gosford Park, Monster's Ball


Worst Film:  Crossroads


Better Than I Expected:  Jeepers Creepers, Joe Somebody


Coolest Movie:  Ocean's Eleven


Sick And Tired Of Martial Arts:  The One


Most Uses Of The F*** Word In A Film:  Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back


Hollywood Identity Crisis:  Owen Wilson (who starred in the pathetic Behind Enemy Lines and yet wrote the brilliant The Royal Tenenbaums)


Quietest Movie Of The Year:  In The Bedroom


Loudest Movie Of The Year:  Black Hawk Down


Why Robert DeNiro Should Never Make Another Comedy:  Showtime


Why John Travolta's Career Is Finished:  Domestic Disturbance


Why Brittany Spears Never Will Have A Career:  Crossroads


I Hate Admitting It But:  Will Smith was really great in Ali


Good But Overrated:  A Beautiful Mind


Bad And Overrated:  Panic Room


Should Have Gone Straight To Video:  Rollerball


Most Far-Fetched Romance:  Kate & Leopold


Most Far-Fetched Drama:  John Q


Not Another Teen Movie:  Not Another Teen Movie


Worst Idea For A Movie:  Sorority Boys


WWF Stars Should Stick To TV:  The Scorpion King


Oh, Please:  Making us feel sorry for Josh Hartnett who sleeps with about a zillion girls in 40 Days & 40 Nights


Foreign Is Often Better:  No Man's Land


Who Cares?:  Star Wars Episode 2:  Attack Of The Clones


The Longest 2.5 Hours Of My Life:  The Majestic


Creepiest Thriller:  The Mothman Prophecies


Surprised I Enjoyed It:  Spider-Man


Best Example Of Over-Sentimentality:  I Am Sam


The Jury's Still Out:  Minority Report


Why Movie World Should Be Shut Down:  Scooby-Doo


Thank God For:  Ghost World