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Appreciating 1994


On to this week's spool and another comment I make seemingly every week is how bad and unoriginal films have become of late.  1999 was a pretty good year but I believe the best of the 90s would have to be 1994.  It was a spectacular year and I'm sure if you look at the films listed below, you'll agree.  Don't ask why things have deteriorated in the 8 years subsequent. So just how many films have you seen from the graduating class of 1994...


The Shawshank Redemption

  -  one of my all-time favourite films - a truly great story.

  -  ranked on the Internet Movie Database as the 2nd greatest film of all time.

  -  7 Academy Award nominations including best picture.


Pulp Fiction

  -  does it get any more original than this!

  -  has spawned a zillion copycat films trying to capture its style.

  -  also earned 7 Academy Award nominations including best picture.


The Professional

  -  an amazing French film starring Jean Reno and in her first role, Natalie Portman



  -  made for just $27,000, this film won the Filmmakers Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival.

  -  an hilarious look at the over-the-counter culture and the film to introduce us to Jay and Silent Bob.


Forrest Gump

  -  Tom Hanks won back-to-back Oscars and the film earned 13 nominations including a best picture win.


Heavenly Creatures

  - spotlighting New Zealand cinema, this was the film that introduced us to Kate Winslet.


Once Were Warriors

  - a gripping intense emotional rollercoaster that once again highlighted the ability of New Zealand cinema.


Ed Wood

  - a great comedy about the worst filmmaker of all time which picked up 2 Academy Awards.


3 Colours Red, 3 Colours White, 3 Colours Red

  - a trilogy of foreign films from French director Krzysztof Kieslowski that breaks new cinematic ground.


Hoop Dreams

  - an engrossing basketball documentary voted by many critics as the best film of the year!


Bullets Over Broadway

  - Woody's Allen film of 1994 earned 7 Oscar nominations and a win for Diane Wiest (best supporting actress).

  - one of my personal favourite Allen films.


The Lion King

  - the biggest Disney hit of all time, The Lion King will remain a kid's favourite for years and years to come.


Quiz Show

  - from director Robert Redford, a fascinating true story about a rigged quiz show.

  - 4 Academy Award nominations including best picture


The Adventures Of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert

  - in a year that showed the world what Australian cinema is made of, this film became a cult classic.

  - won best costume design at the Academy Awards


Muriel's Wedding

  - one of Australia's all time great films, this black comedy introduced us to the talent of Toni Collette.


Four Weddings And A Funeral

  - a fluffy and charming English comedy that was the fifth of the best picture Oscar nominees.


And here's a look at some of the other strong releases of 1994:

Shallow Grave

The Madness Of King George


True Lies

Interview With A Vampire

The Sum Of Us

The Last Seduction

Swimming With Sharks

Nobody's Fool

Little Women

The Crow

The Browning Version


The Ref

Clear And Present Danger

The War

Natural Born Killers

Legends Of The Fall

The Client

The Mask

Blue Sky


Dumb And Dumber


When you think about all the above great films and then compare then with what's screening currently, it makes you appreciate how far quality cinema has fallen in such a short time.