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Movies Worthy Of A Second Chance

I've seen plenty of movies and I've seen them in a variety of moods in a variety of circumstances.  Ideally, you'd love to give a film a grade after several viewings but who (aside from the projectionist) has the time and the money to do that?
The problem with grading a film is that it really does often take more than one screening to have it soak in and appreciate.  What seems strange and silly fits together when you see it again.  This had me thinking about some of my past grades.  I have a policy whereby I stand by my original grade and won't change it - it's the fairest way.
But there often comes along a film I've seen on TV or Foxtel a few more times and I say, hey I really did like that film.  This left me thinking.  So I looked back over all my reviews from 1996 through to 2000 and found those films I'd most like to review upwards and naturally recommend.
The following is my non-exhaustive list with the original grade first and the subsequent grade last.
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas  -  C+ / B+
The Virgin Suicides  -  C+ / B+
Mars Attacks!  -  B- / B+
The Big Lebowski  -  B / A-
Boogie Nights  -  B+ / A
Casino  -  B / A-
Kingpin  -  B / A-
Fight Club  -  B+ / A
Office Space  -  B / A-
The Green Mile  -  B / A-
Heat  -  A- / A
Grosse Point Blank  -  B / B+
Contact  -  A- / A
Gattaca  -  A- / A
The Opposite Of Sex  -  B+ / A-
Deconstructing Harry  -  A- / A
The Truman Show  -  A- / A
American Psycho  -  B+ / A-
Centre Stage  -  B+ / A-
There are heaps of other films I've probably given a grade slightly higher than it really deserved but I won't drag them through the mud right here. I'll save that for another time.