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Refreshing Honesty From Hollywood Celebs

How fake is Hollywood?  If there's one thing I can't stand about the industry it's that everyone praises everyone else.  Everytime I see a premiere the actors/directors/writers say stuff like "he was the best I've ever worked with" and then spout crap about how this film was an amazing experience.  The problem is that when people say stuff like this over and over and over, it wears thin and you realise it's all crap.  You can't even tell whether someone's telling the truth or not.  I'd love someone to win an Oscar and get up there and say "I'm not going to thank the director because he was a real asshole to
work with".
I guess this is where a film critic comes in handy.  Before a film is released, the only people who have seen it are the makers and the critics and the makers surely aren't going to say a bad word with millions of dollars on the line.
Anyway, with that said, I came across an interesting piece in the latest Empire movie magazine.  A list of the bitchiest quotes from Hollywood and I laughed at so many of these.  It's refreshing to actual hear someone dishing out on someone else.  Hopefully you'll love 'em too so here's a selection to enjoy.
"Producers are assholes.  How's that for a quote?  They're schmucks and deal makers.  They're liars and thieves."
  (James Woods on the people who live in Hollywood)
"Coppola couldn't piss in a pot."
  (Bob Hoskins on Francis Ford Coppola)
"Everybody's worked with a jerk in their lives and I'd work with David Puttnam tomorrow - if he had a script."
  (Bill Murray on David Puttnam)
"An over-fat, flatulent, 62-year-old windbag.  A master of inconsequence now masquerading as a guru, passing off his vast limitations as pious virtues."
  (Richard Harris on Michael Caine)
"How difficult can it be to fly an airplane?  I mean, John Travolta learned how…"
  (Graham Chapman)
"She's got this gold tooth in her mouth and all this shit around her eyes. She looked like Beetlejuice or something."
  (Mark Wahlberg on Madonna)
"A better window-dresser than a film director…"
  (Producer Julia Phillips on director Joel Schumacher)
"Well that's ironic, because she turned out to a better c*** than a film producer…"
  (Director Joel Schumaker on producer Julia Phillips)
"I don’t like Val Kilmer, I don't like his [lack of] work ethic and I don't want to be associated with him ever again."
  (John Frankenheimer on working with Val Kilmer)
"A vaccuum with nipples."
  (Otto Preminger on Marilyn Monroe)
"I don't think he could direct his little nephew to the bathroom."
  (Dylan Cannon on working with Otto Preminger)
"I'd let my wife, children and animals starve before I'd subject myself to something like that again."
  (Don Siegel on working with Bette Midler)
"It was like being in a blender with an alligator."
  (Peter Bogdanovich on working with Cher)
"I'd rather stick needles in my eyes."
  (Danny Cannon on being asked if he'd work with Sylvester Stallone again after Judge Dredd)