Review Archive Listing - O

The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.

All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

  Title Grade Released Mini Rev Full Review

  O B 2002    
  O Brother, Where Art Thou? B- 2000   Full Review
  Object Of My Affection, The B 1998    
  Oblivion B+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Observe & Report B+ 2009 Mini Rev Full Review
  Occasional Course Language B- 1998    
  Oceans B+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Ocean's Eight B- 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Ocean's Eleven B+ 2002   Full Review
  Ocean's Thirteen B- 2007   Full Review
  Ocean's Twelve B- 2004   Full Review
  October Sky A 1999    
  Odd Couple 2, The B- 1998    
  Oddball C+ 2015 Mini Rev  
  Of Gods And Men B+ 2011 Mini Rev  
  Of Time And The City B- 2009    
  Office Christmas Party C 2016 Mini Rev  
  Office Space B 1999    
  Offside C 2006    
  Old Dogs C 2009 Mini Rev  
  Old Man & the Gun, The B+ 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Old Mistress, An B 2008    
  Old School B 2003    
  Oliver Twist A- 2006    
  Olympus Has Fallen C 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Omagh B+ 2005    
  Omen, The B+ 2006   Full Review
  On A Clear Day B+ 2006    
  On Chesil Beach B+ 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  On My Way C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  On The Line B- 2002    
  On The Road C 2012 Mini Rev  
  Once A 2007   Full Review
  Once My Mother B 2014 Mini Rev  
  Once Upon A Time In Mexico B- 2004   Full Review
  One Chance C 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  One Day C+ 2011 Mini Rev  
  One Direction: This Is Us B- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  One Fine Day B+ 1997    
  One For The Money C- 2012 Mini Rev  
  One Hour Photo A- 2003   Full Review
  One Night At McCool's B- 2001   Full Review
  One Night Stand B- 1998    
  One Night With The King C 2007    
  One Perfect Day C+ 2004   Full Review
  One True Thing B+ 1999    
  One, The C+ 2002   Full Review
  Onegin C 2000   Full Review
  Ong Bak A- 2005    
  Only God Forgives B- 2013 Mini Rev  
  Only Living Boy in New York, The B- 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Only Lovers Left Alive B 2014 Mini Rev  
  Only the Brave B 2017 Mini Rev  
  Opal Dream B 2006    
  Open Hearts A- 2003    
  Open Range B 2004    
  Open Season C 2006    
  Open Water B 2004   Full Review
  Operation Dumbo Drop C+ 1996    
  Opposite Of Sex, The B+ 1998    
  Orange County A- 2002   Full Review
  Oranges And Sunshine A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Orator, The B+ 2011 Mini Rev  
  Orchestra Seats B 2007    
  Ordinary Decent Criminal B- 2000    
  Original Sin C+ 2001    
  Orphan B+ 2009 Mini Rev  
  Orphanage, The B+ 2008   Full Review
  Osama B+ 2004    
  Oscar And Lucinda B 1998    
  Othello B+ 1996    
  Other Boleyn Girl, The A- 2008   Full Review
  Other Guys, The B+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Other Side of Hope, The A- 2018 Mini Rev  
  Other Sister, The C 1999    
  Other Son A- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Other Woman, The C+ 2014 Mini Rev  
  Others, The A- 2001   Full Review
  Ouija: Origin Of Evil B 2016 Mini Rev  
  Our Idiot Brother B- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Our Kind Of Traitor B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Out Cold C 2002    
  Out Of Sight A- 1998    
  Out Of Time C 2004    
  Out To Sea B 1997    
  Out-Of-Towners, The C 1999    
  Outside Providence B 1999    
  Over The Hedge C+ 2006   Full Review
  Overboard C 2018 Mini Rev  
  Oyster Farmer B- 2005    
  Oz The Great & Powerful B- 2013   Full Review