The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.
All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

Title Grade Release Mini Rev Full Rev
Eagle Eye B+ 2008   Full Rev
Eagle Huntress, The B 2017 Mini Rev  
Eagle Vs. Shark B+ 2007    
Early Man B+ 2018 Mini Rev  
Earth C+ 2008    
East, The B- 2013 Mini Rev  
East Is East A- 2000   Full Rev
Eastern Promises A- 2007    
Easy A B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Easy Virtue B+ 2009    
Eat Pray Love C+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Eclipse, The B 2010 Mini Rev  
Eddie B- 1996    
Eddie The Eagle B- 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Eden Is West A- 2009 Mini Rev Full Rev
Edge Of Darkness C 2010 Mini Rev  
Edge Of Heaven, The B+ 2008    
Edge Of Love, The B- 2008    
Edge Of Seventeen, The A- 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Edge Of Tomorrow A 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Edge, The B+ 1998    
EdTV C+ 1999    
Education, An A 2009 Mini Rev Full Rev
Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story B+ 2023 Mini Rev Full Rev
Eiffel B- 2021 Mini Rev  
Eight Below B- 2006    
Eight Crazy Nights C 2002    
Eight Legged Freaks B 2002   Full Rev
Eight Women B- 2002    
Eighth Grade A 2019 Mini Rev  
Election A+ 1999    
Elegy A 2009 Mini Rev Full Rev
Elektra C- 2005   Full Rev
Elemental C+ 2023 Mini Rev  
Elena B+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Elephant A 2004   Full Rev
Elf C+ 2003   Full Rev
Elfkins: Baking a Difference, The B- 2021 Mini Rev  
Elizabeth B+ 1998    
Elizabeth: The Golden Age B 2007   Full Rev
Elizabethtown C+ 2005   Full Rev
Ella Enchanted A- 2004    
Elle A- 2016 Mini Rev  
Elvis B 2022 Mini Rev Full Rev
Elysium B 2013 Mini Rev Full Rev
Ema B+ 2021 Mini Rev  
Embrace B+ 2016 Mini Rev  
Embrace Of The Serpent A- 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Emily B 2023 Mini Rev Full Rev
Emma B+ 1996    
Emma. B 2020 Mini Rev Full Rev
Emoji Movie, The C 2017 Mini Rev  
Emperor's Club, The A 2003   Full Rev
Emperor's New Clothes, The C+ 2015 Mini Rev  
Emperor's New Groove, The A 2001   Full Rev
Empire of Light B 2023 Mini Rev Full Rev
Employee Of The Month B- 2007    
Empties B 2009 Mini Rev  
Emu Runner B 2019 Mini Rev  
Encanto B 2021 Mini Rev Full Rev
Enchanted A- 2007   Full Rev
End Of Days B- 1999    
End Of The Affair, The B+ 2000   Full Rev
End of the Century B- 2020 Mini Rev  
End Of Violence, The C+ 1998    
End Of Watch B 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Endangered Generation?, The B- 2023 Mini Rev  
Ender's Game B 2013 Mini Rev  
Endless Love C 2014 Mini Rev  
Enduring Love B+ 2005    
Enemy At The Gates A- 2001   Full Rev
Enemy Of The State B- 1999    
English Patient, The A 1997    
Enigma B+ 2001    
Ennio the Maestro A- 2022 Mini Rev  
Enough C 2002   Full Rev
Enough Said B 2013 Mini Rev  
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room A- 2005   Full Rev
Entourage B 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
Entrapment C- 1999    
EO A- 2023 Mini Rev  
Epic B- 2013 Mini Rev  
Epic Movie C- 2007   Full Rev
Equalizer, The C+ 2014 Mini Rev  
Equalizer 2, The C 2018 Mini Rev  
Equalizer 3, The B- 2023 Mini Rev  
Eragon B 2006    
Eraser B 1996    
Erin Brokovich B 2000   Full Rev
Escape from Extinction B- 2021 Mini Rev  
Escape From L.A. C 1996    
Escape from Mogadishu B 2022 Mini Rev  
Escape From Planet Earth B- 2013 Mini Rev  
Escape and Evasion B- 2020 Mini Rev  
Escape Room B 2019 Mini Rev Full Rev
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions B- 2021 Mini Rev  
Escapist, The B- 2009 Mini Rev  
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind A+ 2004   Full Rev
Eternals B- 2021 Mini Rev  
Eulogy B 2005    
Eurotrip C- 2004   Full Rev
Evan Almighty C 2007   Full Rev
Evelyn B+ 2004    
Evening A- 2007   Full Rev
Evening Star, The B+ 1997    
Event Horizon B- 1997    
Ever After B+ 1998    
Everest B+ 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
Everybody's Oma A- 2022 Mini Rev  
Everybody Knows B+ 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
Everybody Loves Jeanne C 2023 Mini Rev  
Everybody Wants Some!! B 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Everlasting Moments B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Everyone Says I Love You A 1997    
Everything Everywhere All at Once A 2022 Mini Rev Full Rev
Everything Went Fine B+ 2022 Mini Rev  
Evil Dead B- 2013 Mini Rev  
Evil Dead Rise B+ 2023 Mini Rev Full Rev
Evil Does Not Exist B 2024 Mini Rev  
Evil Woman C 2001    
Evita B 1997    
Evolution B+ 2001   Full Rev
Ex, The C- 2007    
Ex Machina B 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
Excess Baggage C+ 1997    
Executive Decision B+ 1996    
Existenz B+ 1999    
Exit Wounds C 2001   Full Rev
Exodus: Gods & Kings B- 2014 Mini Rev  
Exorcism Of Emily Rose, The B 2005   Full Rev
Exorcist: Believer, The B- 2023 Mini Rev Full Rev
Exorcist: The Beginning C 2004    
Expendables 2, The B- 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Expendables 3, The C 2014 Mini Rev  
Expendables 4 C+ 2023 Mini Rev  
Expendables, The C+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Extra, The B- 2005    
Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir, The B- 2019 Mini Rev  
Extreme Measures B- 1997    
Extreme Ops C 2003    
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close B+ 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Eye For An Eye B- 1996    
Eye In The Sky B 2016 Mini Rev  
Eye Of The Beholder C+ 2000   Full Rev
Eye Of The Storm, The C+ 2011 Mini Rev  
Eye, The C 2008    
Eyes of Tammy Faye, The C+ 2022 Mini Rev Full Rev
Eyes Wide Shut A 1999