I started reviewing films in 1996. Every film was assigned a grade on my 9 point scale from an A+ to a C-.
Below are links to lists which show every single film that I've seen (there are over 4,500 of them), the date of release and my grading.
To help you find some of my favourites, I've listed some of the best films for each letter of the alphabet.
You can view my best and worst lists for each year by clicking here.

  Best Films
Num 21 Grams, 8 Mile, 2:37, 28 Days Later
A American Beauty, Adaptation, Almost Famous, Atonement, Avatar
B Billy Elliot, Being John Malkovich, Breaking The Waves, Burn After Reading, Bulworth
C Chicago, Capote, Cast Away, City Of God, The Corporation
D The Departed, Donnie Darko, Downfall, Dead Man Walking
E Election, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Elegy, The English Patient
F Face/Off, Fargo, The Fellowship Of The Ring, Fahrenheit 9/11, Frequency
G Ghost World, Gods And Monsters, Go, Good Will Hunting, Good Night, And Good Luck.
H Hidden, Hotel Rwanda, Hamlet, Happiness, House Of Sand And Fog
I The Ice Storm, An Inconvenient Truth, The Insider, Igby Goes Down, In The Bedroom
J Juno, Jackie Brown, Jarhead, Japanese Story, Jumanji
K King Kong, Kitchen Stories, Kokoda, Kenny, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
L Leaving Las Vegas, Lost In Translation, L.A. Confidential, Last Orders, The Lives Of Others
M Magnolia, Million Dollar Baby, Marvin's Room, Mulholland Drive, Mr. Holland's Opus
N Nurse Betty, The Namesake, No Country For Old Men, No Man's Land
O October Sky, Out Of Sight, The Others, One Hour Photo, Once
P The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Persepolis, Pleasantville, Primary Colours, The Pianist
Q The Quiet American, The Queen
R Requiem For A Dream, The Rage In Placid Lake, Revolutionary Road, Ratatouille
S Saving Private Ryan, Shine, Snow Falling On Cedars, The Sweet Hereafter, Sideways
T Titanic, Traffic, The Thin Red Line, The Talented Mr. Ripley, There Will Be Blood
U United 93, Up In The Air, Ulee's Gold, Unbreakable
V Varsity Blues, Vera Drake, The Visitor, V For Vendetta, A Very Long Engagement
W William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, The Wrestler, Wonder Boys, Wag The Dog
XY Y Tu Mama Tambien, You've Got Mail, Year Of The Dog
Z Zodiac, Zoolander, Zathura