The American summer blockbuster season is upon us and Iron Man 2 will kick things off on April 29.  Over the next few months, we can also expect to see Robin Hood, Prince Of Persia, Sex & The City 2, The A-Team, Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3, Twilight: Eclipse, Knight & Day and Inception.  That’s just a taste of what will be on offer.


On that note, it’s inspired me to do another box-office trivia game for those after some brain activity.


I’ve done two before which you can try yourself by clicking here (for the one from 2007) and here (for the one from 2005).


There are 10 questions in all and you can check your answers by scrolling to the very bottom.  This year’s questions have a link to famous actors.  All the facts and figures are for the United States only by the way.  Have fun!


1. Which Australian actor appeared in 5 films between 2001 and 2009 which grossed more than $300m at the box-office?

(a) Cate Blanchett

(b) Russell Crowe

(c) Hugo Weaving

(d) Hugh Jackman


2. Tom Hanks has won 2 Oscars but what is his highest grossing movie?

(a) Forrest Gump

(b) Toy Story 2

(c) Saving Private Ryan

(d) The Da Vinci Code


3. Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors.  Since 2002, he has made 9 movies.  All but one grossed more than $100m.  Which one did not?

(a) The Pursuit Of Happyness

(b) I, Robot

(c) Seven Pounds

(d) Men In Black 2


4. Will Ferrell has been churning out comedies for more than 10 years (some good, some bad).  Which of the following made the most at the box-office?

(a) Blades Of Glory

(b) Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgandy

(c) Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby

(d) Elf


5. Which star of Charlie’s Angels (I speak of the 2000 remake) has appeared in the most hit films (grossing more than $100m each)?

(a) Drew Barrymore

(b) Lucy Liu

(c) Cameron Diaz

(d) Bill Murray


6. What is the highest grossing Tom Cruise movie?

(a) Top Gun

(b) War Of The Worlds

(c) Mission: Impossible 2

(d) Rain Man


7. Which Kate has starred in the most films that have grossed over $100m?

(a) Kate Bosworth

(b) Kate Winslet

(c) Kate Hudson

(d) Kate Beckinsale


8. Meryl Streep has a million times for every major film award but what is her highest grossing movie?

(a) Mamma Mia!

(b) The Devil Wears Prada

(c) Death Becomes Her

(d) Out Of Africa


9. Which one of these Ocean’s 11 stars has produced the total cumulative box-office from his films?

(a) George Clooney

(b) Brad Pitt

(c) Matt Damon

(d) Andy Garcia


10. Titanic made $600m at the box-office in 1997.  Which of its supporting stars didn’t capitalise on its success and hasn’t featured in a movie since that has grossed more than $3m?

(a) Billy Zane

(b) Bill Paxton

(c) Gloria Stuart

(d) Frances Fisher


Answers down below…












































1. (c) – Always the underrated villain, Weaving provided voices in the two Transformers movies and featured in the three Lord Of The Rings movies.

2. (a) – Forrest Gump made $329m back in 1994.  Impressive even by today’s standards.

3. (c) – Because it was rubbish, Seven Pounds made just $69m.

4. (d) – Elf took in $173m which was must more than it deserved.

5. (c) – Ms Diaz has 9 in total. The three Shrek movies, the two Charlie’s Angels movies, Vanilla Sky, There’s Something About Mary, My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Mask.

6. (b) – War Of The Worlds made $234m in 2005.

7. (d) – I can’t believe it either. Beckinsale was in Click, Van Helsing, The Aviator and Pearl Harbor.

8. (a) – Mamma Mia! was a huge hit in the United States with $144m and did even better overseas.

9. (c) – Matt Damon is the youngest but leads with $2.24 billion. Brad Pitt next best with $1.94 billion.

10. (a) – Poor Billy. His best effort was BloodRayne in 2006 which made $2.4m.