Review Archive Listing - J

The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.

All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

  Title Grade Released Mini Rev Full Review

  J. Edgar A- 2012 Mini Rev  
  Jack B+ 1996    
  Jack & Jill C 2011 Mini Rev  
  Jack Reacher B+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jack Reacher: Never Go Back B- 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit C- 2014 Mini Rev  
  Jack The Giant Slayer B+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jackal, The C+ 1998    
  Jackass 3D B 2010 Mini Rev  
  Jackass: Bad Grandpa C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Jackass: Number Two B- 2006   Full Review
  Jackass: The Movie B- 2003   Full Review
  Jacket, The B- 2005   Full Review
  Jackie A- 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jackie Brown A+ 1998    
  Jackie Chan's First Strike C 1997    
  James And The Giant Peach B 1997    
  Jammed, The B+ 2007    
  Jane Austen Book Club, The C+ 2008   Full Review
  Jane Eyre B 1996    
  Jane Eyre A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Japanese Story A- 2003    
  Jarhead A 2006   Full Review
  Jason Bourne B- 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jason X C 2002    
  Jasper Jones B+ 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jawbreaker C- 1999    
  Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back B+ 2002   Full Review
  Jeepers Creepers A- 2002   Full Review
  Jeepers Creepers 2 C+ 2004   Full Review
  Jerry Maguire B+ 1997    
  Jersey Boys B- 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jersey Girl C+ 2004    
  Jigsaw C 2017 Mini Rev  
  Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius C+ 2002    
  Jindabyne B+ 2006    
  Jingle All The Way C- 1996    
  Jiro Dreams Of Sushi A- 2012 Mini Rev  
  Jobs B- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Joe Cinque's Consolation B- 2016 Mini Rev  
  Joe Dirt C+ 2001   Full Review
  Joe Somebody A- 2002   Full Review
  Joey B- 1997    
  John Carter C+ 2012 Mini Rev  
  John Q C+ 2002   Full Review
  John Tucker Must Die B 2006    
  John Wick B+ 2014 Mini Rev  
  John Wick 2 A- 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Johnny English B- 2003   Full Review
  Johnny English Reborn B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Johnny English Strikes Again C 2018 Mini Rev  
  Josh Jarman C- 2005    
  Josie And The Pussycats B+ 2001   Full Review
  Journey 2: The Mysterious Island B- 2012 Mini Rev  
  Journey To The Centre Of The Earth B+ 2008   Full Review
  Journey's End B- 2018 Mini Rev  
  Joy B 2015 Mini Rev Full Review
  Joyeux Noel A- 2005    
  Jucy A- 2011 Mini Rev  
  Jude B 1996    
  Judge, The C+ 2014 Mini Rev  
  Judy Moody & The Not Bummer Summer B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Julia's Eyes B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Julie & Julia B- 2009 Mini Rev Full Review
  Julieta A- 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jumanji A- 1996    
  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle A- 2017 Mini Rev  
  Jumper B+ 2008   Full Review
  Junebug A- 2006    
  Jungle B 2017 Mini Rev  
  Jungle 2 Jungle A- 1997    
  Jungle Book, The A- 2016 Mini Rev  
  Jungle Book 2, The C+ 2003    
  Juno A+ 2008   Full Review
  Jupiter Ascending C 2015 Mini Rev  
  Jurassic Park 3 B- 2001   Full Review
  Jurassic World B+ 2015 Mini Rev Full Review
  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom C+ 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Juror, The C 1996    
  Just Friends C+ 2006   Full Review
  Just Go With It B- 2011 Mini Rev  
  Just Like Heaven C+ 2005   Full Review
  Just Married A- 2003   Full Review
  Just My Luck B 2006    
  Just The Ticket B+ 1999    
  Just to be Sure B+ 2017 Mini Rev  
  Just Visiting B 2002    
  Justice League C+ 2017 Mini Rev Full Review